That Girl with the Nice Camera

Hi there! My name is Reanna Lovsey: blessed wife of a very attractive mechanic, and a mother of three - equally handsome - little boys. I was raised in Richfield, Ohio, and moved around a bit when we got married in 2012 until we finally settled down in Norton. We love it here! Go Panthers!! 

Most days you can find me at home with my kids! We love the local parks and playing outside. I'm a Netflix fanatic and am currently obsessed with Queen of the South! I am mostly known for being spontaneous, totally sarcastic, making people laugh, and my Amazon Prime addiction. People refer to me as, "That one girl who moved to another country", or "That mom that's always posting photos of her kids on Instagram stories". 

When I was 15 my parents received a calling to move to the outskirts of Panama (located in Central America) to be missionaries and reach the hearts of the indigenous in the rainforests of Bocas del Toro. What a life changing experience! I am bilingual (English [obviously] and Spanish), but when I first moved there, I had to learn how to communicate with people without language. Imagery was for sure one of those ways. It was in Panama that my love for taking pictures started. I was also an English teacher for the local school and taught Spanish later on to the local 'gringos' and tourists. 

My oldest brother, Joshua, passed from cancer in 2015. We were 12 years apart, and when I was looking through our family pictures, I only found one with just him and I - from when I was only a year old. Oh, how I WISH I had more to remember him by. It was from that perspective that my passion for photography grew even more, and it is my hope that I can help others hold memories of their loved ones for a lifetime. 



In honor of my brother, Josh Kapsar, I would be honored to capture some last memories with your loved ones. If you or your family are in a situation where you may not have much time left together, please contact me to schedule a session free of charge. 

Sessions are for illness, injury, or other major health crisis.